About Us

The Story of Tatadra

Tatadra in the Fijian language means vision, or to dream. Tatadra represents our beloved Island dream home.  


My name is Gabrielle Simson-Frank, I am an American on paper, but a Fijian at heart. My family and I have made Wakaya Island in Fiji our second home for the better part of 16 years. As a family, our dream has always been to give back to our beloved Fiji. Our charitable contributions started with the widely celebrated Boat Licensing courses conducted around Viti Levu which have socially and economically empowered the lives of many through accredited education and the attainment of both a Boat Master and Restricted Class 6 license. We have seen a marked increase in female attendees helping to break the glass ceiling in an otherwise male dominated field. Then covid struck the world and caused Fiji to shut down. With the majority of Fijians out of work and the cries of so many needing just the staples to survive, we created the #createyourlegacy initiative.


The famed Fijian fashion house Zuber, collaborated with us designing 1000 Tatadra Wakaya Island face masks.

100 were donated to our beloved Wakaya Island, several hundred went to protect the front liners and first responders, and the rest were used to fundraise for food packs that were distributed amongst the hardest hit communities around Viti Levu. Through the purchase of even one face mask, the message was shared that we can all do something to help those in need. We can all do something to create a legacy for ourselves, our children, and our communities that we can be proud of when we are gratefully on the other side of Covid. Through our partnerships with the boat licensing programs and the communities we touched, the newly formed Ovalau Outrigger Canoe and Sailing Association in Levuka, so graciously  approached us to become Patron of the Board. It was a role we were inspired to take on and support because of the Association's vision to build a spirit of unity and purpose amongst the adult, adolescent, and youths with challenges groups. 

We do all of this with unending passion, dedication and in the Bula Spirit to show our deep heartfelt gratitude for the immense and varied gifts the Fijian people and culture have given us over the years.  

Last but not least, we are also excited to share with the world a few of the bespoke Fijian made products we love and 100% believe in. 

Vinaka Vakalevu.  (Thank You )