Giving Back with Tatadra

After the second wave of Covid-19 hit the shores of Fiji in April of 2021 and the daily numbers of infections and deaths began to quickly rise, my mind was racing with the question, " how can I help, what can I do, where do I start? ” I knew I couldn’t sit back and not participate in aiding the multitude of unemployed and struggling Fijians. After feeling completely overwhelmed with the mountain ahead, I realized it wasn’t about solving the entire problem. Instead, it was about helping and contributing where I can. I needed to know when we, as a Nation, make it to the other side of the unfolding pandemic, I can look back and know in my heart I did absolutely everything to aid and assist. This would be my family's loloma (gift), not only for our conscience, but also as an invaluable lesson for our children to learn- when people are in need, we respond by being proactive in finding ways to assist.

Starting with contacting Zuber Fiji, the internationally acclaimed Fijian fashion label to create and produce 1000 Tatadra Wakaya Island face masks. We gave as our loloma (gift), 100 face masks to our beloved village community of Wakaya, several hundred to the first responders and front liners in Levuka, Ovalau, and all through the Suva/Lami corridor. We used the rest as a fundraising tool to purchase food packs from Kundan Singh and Food City which I personally distributed throughout settlements, villages, nursing staff, single moms, and individual families.

We were excited to inspire as many people as we could, through the sale of our masks, to create their own legacy, as well. For fellow Fijians to know their contributions were part of purchasing much needed food and essential items during this critical time. I also had the immeasurable honor of working alongside one of Fiji’s premier Parliamentary members, the Honourable Lynda Tabuya. With Ms. Tabuya’s knowledgeable guidance and invaluable words of encouragement, I was able to facilitate those communities hit hardest.

God bless Fiji...