Tatadra Boat Training Program

Empowering Fijian Communities 

The word “soli” in  the Fijian language means to give, and that is where my heart lies here in Fiji.

After many years having our island home on Wakaya, our dream was to find a way to give back and empower those we felt were in greatest need.

 As we continued our search for ways to create positive social changes, we recognised a need in the villages and settlements throughout Fiji for accredited boat training programs that gave those communities the chance to affordably obtain their Boat Master and Restricted Class 6 boat license.  We facilitated this by hiring two teachers through The Marine Safety Authority of Fiji, pay all the fees, and travel and house the teachers in villages where we have the event. The attendees contribute FJ$80.00 for the 14 day training course, and all monies raised goes right back into the community for community repairs, educational supplies, community programmes etc.

One of the most inspiring aspects of this programme for us, has been seeing the increasing numbers of women attending the events and diluting what has otherwise been a male dominated field. After the course had ended and the women had received their license, many have shared with us how much value, credibility, leadership skills and proper boat licensing has added to their lives. Both within their families and village community at large.


It has been both an honor and a blessing knowing we have facilitated Fijian women and men becoming the captain of their own lives.