Saqamoli (Ancient Fijian Earthen Water Bottle)

Saqamoli (Ancient Fijian Earthen Water Bottle)

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The “Saqamoli” translated, means twin oranges.  This is a hancrafted special vessel made for drinking water and is dedicated to the Paramount Chief of the Rewa Province. It is drinking water storage for the Rewan Chieftan. These pots are coated with Makadre which is resin from the Dakua tree. The pouring spout is called the Igaga… All of these pots were used for water storage and are for the most part no longer in use. Each pot has its own unique characteristics of fissures and lines that occur in the baking and glazing stage of the process.


  • Triple Spout Earthen Water Bottle
  •  Weight; 1.9kg
  • Size; 20 inch x 10 inch
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