Turkish Mint Beard Oil (Fiji)

Turkish Mint Beard Oil (Fiji)

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To tame even the wildest whiskers, our specially formulated beard oil will coach and condition your facial hair into submission. Formulated using a dense blend of plant based ingredients, our serum is heavy enough to keep your strays in check, and light enough that it absorbs quickly into the hair to avoid greasiness. It is  also great on your skin to treat and prevent itchiness and irritation.

Turkish Mint Beard Oil is paraben free, alcohol free, environmentally friendly and has no artificial colorants.


Scent: Cool and refreshing scent of mint with subtle hints of cedar wood and patchouli.


How to use: 

Rub 2-3 drops between the palm of your hands and smooth it over your entire beard in a circular motion. Stroke or Comb beard into place. Can be applied on towel dried beard or dry beard. Leave in for the day to get the full moisturizing benefit.


Pro-tip: When applying Beard Oil, focus on working the oil into the skin beneath your beard.



-100% natural ingredients.

-Stops itching and skin flaking

-Softens Beard

-Contains Hair growth stimulants


-Absorbs well

-Non- greasy

-Washes off easily



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